Sisters in Charge will be based in Atlanta, Georgia and will cater to women of all ages. The goal is to obtain funding to purchase a multi-room facility that will serve as a shelter for women and their children. Each room will be stocked with at least two bunk beds so that an entire family can occupy one room. We endeavor to find a home with at least five rooms so that we can accommodate approximately four to five women and their children at one time. This facility will also consist of a kitchen and bathroom for use by occupants.

In addition to providing shelter services, the facility would also have a room that can serve as the organization’s office for business purposes. The office would contain several computers for the occupants to use to find resources, search for employment, and for any other need that may arise. There would always be at least one member of the organization present in this office at all times in case of emergency.

The long-term plan for the organization is to open up branches in other states, with Boston, Massachusetts being the next on the list.