Sisters in Charge is a Georgia-based nonprofit organization that aims to be a safe haven and support network for women who are victims and survivors of domestic violence...

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Sisters in Charge will be based in Atlanta, Georgia and will cater to women of all ages. The goal is to obtain funding to purchase a multi-room facility that will serve as a shelter for women and their children. Each room will be stocked with at least two bunk beds so that an entire family can occupy one room. We endeavor to find a home with at least five rooms so that we can accommodate approximately four to five women and their children at one time. This facility will also consist of a kitchen and bathroom for use by occupants.

In addition to providing shelter services, the facility would also have a room that can serve as the organization’s office for business purposes. The office would contain several computers for the occupants to use to find resources, search for employment, and for any other need that may arise. There would always be at least one member of the organization present in this office at all times in case of emergency.

The long-term plan for the organization is to open up branches in other states, with Boston, Massachusetts being the next on the list.


Tamara Charles is Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Sisters In Charge, a nonprofit organization for battered women with children based out of Georgia, that gives women a healthy start, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Ms. Charles takes her vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development.The mission of Sisters In Charge is to provide a safe shelter, and a variety of educational, recreational and social services to address the essential and changing needs of the families in Georgia and surrounding communities. Ms. Charles, who was Born in Port Au Prince, Haiti, came into the U.S in 1986, at the age of five years old. She was raised in Lynn, MA and Brooklyn, NY. She is the daughter of Carol and William Charles. Ms. Charles is the oldest out of four sisters and two brothers, all of whom she cared for while both parents worked to make ends meet.

Ms. Charles has a set of twins (boy and girl ages 19) who are now in college, as well as a 13-year-old daughter and 11-year-old son, all of whom whom she raised as a single mother. Despite being a single mom and working two jobs, Ms. Charles also worked hard to further her own education. She attended Marian Court College, where she obtained an Associates in Science in 2011, and a BS in Business Administration, with a minor in Health Care Management in 2014. She is currently working towards her MBA in Health Care Human Services with minor in nonprofit organization, from Strayer University.

Tamara Charles is a survivor of domestic violence and is currently living with multiple sclerosis. Her personal experiences allow her to understand the physical and psychological barriers that prevent many women from leaving their abusers. Ms. Charles also understands the potential fatal nature of domestic abuse, which makes seeking assistance imperative. By providing, a home where battered women and their children may seek temporary shelter, Ms. Charles hopes to help these women understand they are not alone. Her shelter will be designed to provide a safe space where victims may share their stories and meet other survivors to support them in their journey. Additionally, she hopes to provide these women with resources to help them gain control over their lives.

“I'm not ashamed of telling my story. The more I talk about it, the stronger it makes me feel and the more I want to live. Since deciding to create this organization, many women I know have shared their stories with me. I never in a million years would have imagined being a victim of domestic violence.I am proud that I made it comfortable enough for these women to reach out to me. We (women) need to learn how to hold each other’s hand and empower one another. Let's teach one another how to love ourselves. It all starts with self-love. It shouldn't take a man to tell you how beautiful you are, or to make you feel worthwhile. You will never find peace and love in a relationship if you don’t first love yourself.”


Sisters in Charge is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a safe haven, support network, and resources to help victims of domestic violence regain dignity and control over their lives.

--Tamara Charles, CEO & Founder of Sisters In Charge



According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV), “on average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States.” This boils down to at least 10 million women and men victims a year. Furthermore, 1 in 3 women in the U.S. have been victimized by an intimate partner at some point during their lives. And on any given day at least 20,000 phone calls are placed to domestic violence hotlines throughout the country.

The impact on children also cannot be ignored. In Georgia alone, more than 12,000 children are exposed to domestic violence every year, with more than one-third of these children actually witnessing a parent or caretaker being killed.” According to the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “long term exposure to domestic violence can lead to problems with physical health, behavioral problems and emotional difficulties.”

Moreover, the NCADV reports, victims of domestic abuse have higher rates of depression and suicide than the rest of the population. And family members are often ill-equipped to help their loved ones escape the abuse. However, studies show that domestic violence services have been helpful in getting victims and survivors the help they need. Shelter programs in particular, have been found to be "one of the most supportive, effective resources for women with abusive partners, according to the residents themselves.” Thus, with the number of victims steadily increasing, the need for organizations like Sisters in Charge is greater than ever.